Useful Commands

wmic service list brief

wmic service where (state="running") get caption, name, startmode,stat

wmic service where (state="running" and startmode="Auto") get caption, name,startmode,state

wmic /OUTPUT:CLIPBOARD /NODE:"MY-SYSTEM" path Win32_Account get /format:csv

wmic /OUTPUT:CLIPBOARD /NODE:"MY-SYSTEM" path Win32_Group get /format:csv

wmic /OUTPUT:CLIPBOARD /NODE:"MY-SYSTEM" path Win32_GroupInDomain get /format:csv

wmic /OUTPUT:CLIPBOARD /NODE:"MY-SYSTEM" path Win32_GroupUser get /format:csv

wmic /OUTPUT:CLIPBOARD /NODE:"MY-SYSTEM" path Win32_SystemAccount get /format:csv

wmic /OUTPUT:CLIPBOARD /NODE:"MY-SYSTEM" path Win32_SystemUsers get /format:csv

wmic /OUTPUT:CLIPBOARD /NODE:"MY-SYSTEM"  path Win32_UserAccount get /format:csv

Commands I need to try:
wmic /node:remote_computer process call create "netstat.exe -ano > C:\output.txt"
wmic /node:remote_computer process call create "cmd /c \"pushd \\remote_server\c$ && netstat -nao > n.txt && popd\""