Thursday, October 22, 2009

Upgrade ePO Agent

  1. Uninstall Agent (this step may be unnecessary since using /FORCEINSTALL to install a new agent removes the current agent but it doesn't hurt and may prevent install failures.)

    1. Use the /REMOVE command-line option to uninstall the agent.

    2. Click Start and the Run.

    3. Click Browse and navigate to the following file: "C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrmInst.exe"

    4. Append /REMOVE=AGENT to the end of the file path in the "Open:" box and click OK.

    5. The McAfee Agent and Updater Installation window may appear. Click OK upon completion.

  2. Install New Agent: FramePkg.exe /FORCEINSTALL /INSTALL=AGENT /INSTDIR="%ProgramFiles%\McAfee\Common Framework"

  3. Test Connectivity: "%ProgramFiles%\MCAFEE\COMMON FRAMEWORK\CMDAGENT.EXE" /C /E /P /S

  4. Try to manually update from new ePO server

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